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There Is No Magic in Fitness - Trainer Troy Smith
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There Is No Magic in Fitness

There is no magic in fitness; there is only hard work.

If you are ready to work, hard, maybe again, maybe for the first time, I recommend Troy with all of my heart.

I was ridiculously out of shape when I started training with Troy in January, 2014. And I was a bit embarrassed because for years I had been an athlete: an athlete in high school, a sort of athlete in college, I’d run a few marathons (well, actually, I’d jogged a few marathons), etc. I also had an attitude about people who hired trainers; I thought they were weak and undisciplined. But I actually had become weak and undisciplined and Troy helped me get myself back.

He helped me reconnect with my mental and physical strength

and he helped me get past my embarrassment at having gotten so out of shape. If you’re ready to be your best self again, to be proud of your physicality and the mental strength it takes to be physically strong, then Troy is the trainer you are looking for.