Train with Me

I am currently accepting clients to train at Anytime Fitness Crown Point, IN. If you are ready to transform your physique, learn, have fun, and gain a ton of energy, then let’s talk. Whether you are a total gym newbie or seasoned exercise freak, I am ready to guide you to your next level and beyond. I offer individual or partner training options and always include meal-planning guidance. Call me or send me a comment below. Let’s do this!

What’s in it for you:

  • Intake evaluation with body composition analysis
  • Meal plan coaching (super important)
  • Customized, goal-oriented approach which may include building muscle, increasing strength, lowering fat, and enhancing functional performance.
    • Strength training proper form instruction for neurological adaptation
    • Cardio (aerobic and anaerobic) conditioning
    • Lactate threshold training (for serious athletes and competitors)
    • Mobility work (to increase flexibility and eliminate pain)
    • Core training (static and dynamic)
    • Kettlebell training (there’s so much we can do with these!)
    • Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training (did you say you’d like more energy?)
    • Constant Tension Training™ (this is my baby… you will love this)
    • Rotator cuff enhancement (important for anyone who has at least one shoulder)
    • Reflex, coordination, and balanced strength work (if you desire… each will improve regardless)
    • High energy enthusiasm, bad counting, and some tired-yet-still-good jokes (that’s ME!!)

Contact me for rates:

  • 1 person, 1 hour:
  • 2 people, 1 hour:
  • Bootcamp Group:

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